I am experienced technical leader who enjoys taking a high level of ownership over his work and spending time in the space where technology, leadership and business coincide. I have a particular passion for software architecture, building teams and communicating clearly around technology. Even though I dislike the term, I consider myself a technology evangelist[*] and believe my unique selling point is my ability to communicate and inspire around technology.

Profesionally, I have worked on a number of games, from small two-person indie-games such as Ikaroids on the Xbox 360 to bigger games such as Stellaris and Crusader Kings III. I have experience working with custom game engines (C++ / Lua / Objective-C / C#), XNA and Unity and have also worked with iOS/iPhone applications (Objective-C and Swift) and do a little server-side work with .Net and Node JS.

I mostly use this site to share updates and downloads of personal projects that I work on but sometimes also share some of my findings and personal learnings in tech and leadership in my blog. Enjoy your stay!

Recent Projects

Written in C# and DirectX the GMT allows modders to convert Legend of Grimrock models to OBJ format and to load OBJ, 3DS or DXF 3D models, assign materials to mesh segments and then save those models for use in custom Grimrock dungeons.
Ikaroids is a fast paced arcade shooter which was originally released as an Xbox Live Indie Games title on the Xbox Marketplace. All code for this project was written by me and this is my first game project to be released publicly.
iSAM Mobi is a mobile client for SugarCRM and iSAM CRM systems that run in the cloud. iSAM Mobi stores a local copy of your CRM data and was developed for Abazander's CRM system 'iSAM'.
Sprite Font Builder is a cross-platform application for generating fancy bitmap fonts for use primarily in games built with engines and frameworks that support Bitmap Fonts such as Cocos2d.
A standalone mod for Pathfinder: Kingmaker by Owlcat Games which integrates with Twitch to allow people who are watching you stream to control parts of the game.

Latest Blog Posts

August 6, 2020
A comparison of the pros and cons of Hugo and Jekyll, two very popular Static Site Generators, from the perspective of a user of both platforms who writes their own templates.
February 1, 2017
A review of the gaming capabilities of the 12-inch MacBook (2016). Includes a short-list of games and their performance.
December 28, 2016
Having recently decided it was time to revamp and simplify my blog, what better way to improve it's speed and security than getting rid of the dynamic element completely.
March 23, 2016
FreeImage is a popular, open source library for reading and writing images. In this post I go over how to disable unused plugins to improve compile times and reduce library sizes.
June 2, 2014
I recently wrote a Photoshop Plugin that exports a layered PSD file as a flat spritesheet where each layer represents a single sprite on the final image.