Ikaroids is a fast paced arcade shooter which was originally released as an Xbox Live Indie Games title on the Xbox Marketplace. All code for this project was written by me and this is my first game project to be released publicly.

Ikaroids was a fast-paced arcade shooter that I developed with a friend when we started our own company, Iron Star Media Ltd. The game was developed using XNA and C# and was released on the Xbox Live Indie Games platform. I was responsible for all of the code and scripting that went into Ikaroids, from the overall engine and level architecture to development of low-level systems, such as a custom 2D physics engine.

One of the boss fights from Ikaroids on Xbox 360.

Unfortunately, the Xbox Live Marketplace was closed down some time ago. However, I do hope to release a version of the game ported to MonoGame so that I can release it on Windows to share again sometime.